1. Have a plan
Branding and messaging is simply a tool to help your company achieve better sales and reach strategic goals. There always needs to be a purpose for your activities, so make sure you create an action plan and revise it only after you measure your results.

2. Get to know who you are talking to
Bring your potential clients valuable content worthy of engagement and build a relationship with them. Make sure you research what makes them tic, where they hang out and in what manner they prefer to engage in.

3. Tell your story
Make sure your brand narrative and character is clear and palatable to consume in as shortest time as possible. It also helps to stand out in order to cut though all the noise visually and content-wise.

4. Get your name right
Pick a name that truly reflects your product or service, that is memorable and most importantly choose a name that is easy to say. If you get it wrong, it’s very difficult to change it after you have already launched.

5. Build a website with value
Take your customers though your product or service journey page by page. Make the visuals compelling and visually rich with graphics to aid in your pitch. Launch a lively blog and resource section offering rich content giving your customer a reason to come back and engage. Make sure your site loads quickly and is optimized.

6. Be consistent with your visuals
Once your customer gets to know you, be consistent with your graphic design language through all mediums and collaterals. And unless there is a serious strategic pivot in the company, only then rebrand and rethink your visual communications.

7. Stay relevant
When engaging with customers, actions speak louder than words. Make sure you mix it up and speak about different elements of your brand story to avoid repetitive messaging and really show them the breath of your value.

8. Choose the right marketing channels
There are many marking outlets from Slack channels to LinkedIn and Facebook. Each platform can be harnessed to feed different messages to your target audience differently. For example, a Facebook page might be more relaxed and fun vs a LinkedIn post that might require a more serious side.

9. Always be grinding
Get your brand name out there for the world to experience frequently. It makes your brand memorable and when decision time comes your target audience will be exposed to the company at the right time.

10. Be emotional
You are communicating to people and people are emotional. Give them a reason to believe in your company, be personable, honest and show your human side by communicating to customers that you care and can be reliable.

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